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NO!Child Porn! [Warning]The sale of content that violates international law, such as child pornography, is strictly prohibited on this site. If found, the contact information is ➤Click Here

Terms and conditions for exhibitor members

Peep-Spot Terms of UseThe content of these Terms of Use shall apply to exhibitor members who use Peep-Spot (hereinafter referred to as 'we'). In addition to this Membership Agreement, the Peep-Spot Buyer Member Terms of Use, which are separately established, shall apply to Exhibitor Members.

The contents of these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice as required by law or by the Company, but will not be communicated to the exhibitor members. We ask that exhibitor members regularly review these terms and conditions. In addition, even after the revision of these Terms and Conditions, the user is deemed to have agreed to and accepted the new Terms and Conditions at the time of use.

You must understand and abide by these Terms and Conditions when using our company. We reserve the right to terminate, suspend or restrict your account or access if you breach these Terms and Conditions or cause damage or inconvenience to us or other users.

You must comply with the Site Terms and Conditions and the laws of the country in which you reside when using the Company.

About products that cannot be sold.

Peep-Spot cannot sell products that fall into the following categories

  • Digital content that may constitute child pornography.
  • Digital content that may infringe the portrait or privacy rights of others.
  • Digital content collected via the internet, mobile phones, etc.
  • Digital content on dating chat
  • Digital content related to pyramid schemes and pyramid-like and pyramid-similar sales methods.
  • Digital content that defames or slanders others.
  • Digital content that contravenes the laws of the country in which we are located.
  • Other digital content deemed inappropriate by the Peep-Spot Management Office at its own discretion.
    *Sales of products using models under 18 years of age (high school students and younger) are not permitted.

Determination of breach of terms and conditions

1.The decision as to whether or not a product on sale violates the Terms and Conditions is made when the Peep-Spot Management Office becomes aware of the relevant product through site patrols, or when it is reported by an external party.
2.If the Peep-Spot Management Office determines that the product in question clearly contravenes the Terms and Conditions, the sale of the product will be discontinued immediately. In addition, if the Peep-Spot Management Office deems the product to be inappropriate at its own discretion, the sale of the product will also be discontinued immediately. No objections to this decision will be accepted. Regardless of the content of the claims of the exhibitor member, the product in question cannot be handled by Peep-Spot.
3.If a violation of the terms and conditions is suspected, the sale of the product will be temporarily suspended and the seller member will be confirmed. If the Seller Member admits to a breach of the Terms and Conditions, or if no response is received by the specified date, the sale will be suspended. If the Vendor Member insists that he or she is not in breach of the Terms and Conditions, the sale can be resumed after the Vendor Member has sworn that the relevant product does not violate the Terms and Conditions and has confirmed that any problems will be resolved between the parties.

Copyright infringement

1.Peep-Spot cannot sell digital content collected via the internet or mobile phones.
2.If we receive a report of copyright infringement, we will ask you to submit documents and other information that confirm that you own the copyright to the goods specified by us. If no such documents are submitted, we will assume that you do not own the copyright and will deem the infringement to be a copyright infringement.
3.If you claim to have been commissioned to sell the goods, you must provide proof of commission. The proof of consignment must be legally valid and clearly show the name and contact details of the consignor and when the consignment was received. If proof of consignment cannot be submitted, the copyright is deemed not to be held and the work is deemed to be infringing.

Disclaimer of liability for products sold.

1.The exhibitor member guarantees that the digital content he/she intends to sell is not likely to infringe the rights of third parties, such as copyright, neighbours' rights, portrait rights, etc., and does not violate any laws.
2.Peep-Spot permits the sale of digital content on the assumption that the uploaded digital content does not infringe on the rights of third parties or violate the law. In the event of an infringement problem or any kind of legal problem, the exhibitor member who uploaded the digital content shall resolve it between the parties concerned, and the Peep-Spot Management Office shall have no responsibility whatsoever.
3.If the Peep-Spot Management Office receives a claim for damages from a third party for infringement of the rights of a third party, the exhibitor member who uploaded the digital contents shall be responsible for resolving this at his/her own expense.
4.The Vendor Member shall guarantee that the digital content he/she intends to sell is free from defects such as damage or malfunction. In the event that a purchaser claims that the digital contents sold are damaged or malfunctioning, the Seller Member shall provide the purchaser with normal digital contents again. However, if the seller Member is unable to provide normal digital contents due to circumstances, the seller Member shall refund the purchase price.
5.Peep-Spot Management Office shall not be liable for any defects in the digital content.
6.The Peep-Spot Management Office is entitled to examine the uploaded products even without the consent of the exhibitor. 7.Even if a product is on sale, Peep-Spot may stop selling it without the consent of the Seller Member if the Peep-Spot Management Office recognises it as inappropriate digital content, or if Peep-Spot receives a complaint from a third party.

Number of products available for sale.

In Peep-Spot, there is in principle no limit to the number of products that can be sold. However, if the number of items for sale is considered to be unreasonably high, sales may be suspended after the seller member has been notified.

Sales period.

Products on sale can be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the exhibitor member.

Sales commissions

1.Peep-Spot collects a sales commission from the Seller Member when the uploaded product is sold, based on the rate decided in advance by Peep-Spot and the Seller. This consists of a commission for using our site and a 25% commission to the affiliate service provider.
2.The sales commission shall be deducted from the selling price when the product sells and the seller member shall be paid the amount of the selling price minus the sales commission.
3.If a product is purchased using points, a sales commission will be charged on the sales price including points.
4. If several products are sold at the same time, the above sales commission will be charged for each product.
5.Sales commissions are subject to change due to campaigns and other circumstances, and any changes shall be announced on the website in advance.

Cancellation of sales

1.The Peep-Spot Management Office may cancel the sales of an exhibitor member if the credit card company cancels the sales due to fraudulent use or refusal to use the card. The same shall apply to sales that have already been paid, and the paid sales shall be deducted from the next sales.
2.If the difference cannot be deducted from the next sale, the Peep-Spot Management Office will request a refund from the exhibitor member, and the exhibitor member will accept the refund.
3.In the event that the Peep-Spot Management Office receives a complaint from a purchaser about damage or malfunctioning of the sold digital contents, the Peep-Spot Management Office will notify the seller Member to take appropriate action.
4.The Peep-Spot Management Office may cancel the sales of an exhibitor member if the exhibitor member does not respond appropriately or if the exhibitor member does not respond in any way.

Payment to exhibitor members

1.Peep-Spot will transfer the revenue to the account designated by the Seller Member when the Seller Member's revenue (selling price minus sales commission) exceeds the payment amount set by the Seller Member.
2.The payment cycle is calculated at the end of each month and transferred by the end of the following month. However, payment may be delayed if the payment date is a financial institution holiday.
3.The transfer fee shall be borne by the exhibitor member. Transfer fees vary depending on the financial institution where payment is made.
4.The transfer fee shall be deducted by Peep-Spot from the amount to be paid to the exhibitor member, and the balance of the amount to be paid, less the transfer fee, shall be transferred to the account designated by the exhibitor member.
5.If the transfer is reversed due to an error in the registration of the exhibitor member's account, the balance will be transferred at a later date after the reversion fee and two transfer fees have been deducted from the sales.

Suspension of exhibitor membership

1.In the event that an exhibitor falls under any of the following categories, Peep-Spot may suspend the membership of the exhibitor without any notice or demand and prevent the exhibitor from registering as an exhibitor again in the future.

  • If these Terms and Conditions are breached
  • If false declarations are made or false registration changes are made when registering as an exhibitor member
  • If you are unable to contact the exhibitor
  • Unauthorised use of passwords.
  • If you have committed an act that causes damage to this website.
  • If the person has acted in a way that is detrimental to the reputation of this website.
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to the site's server
  • In addition to the above, if the Peep-Spot Management Office deems that the user has committed a significantly unfair act.

2.If an exhibitor's membership is revoked for any of the above reasons, the Peep-Spot Management Office reserves the right to freeze the exhibitor's sales, if any, and take legal action.

Disclosure of information

If a public authority, such as a court or investigative body, requests disclosure of the products handled by Peep-Spot in accordance with the authority provided by law, or if a party requests disclosure in the event that there is a risk of litigation, the Peep-Spot Management Office will disclose the requested information, including the files that were sold and the seller's information, as evidence.

Deregistration of exhibitors

1.In the event of a serious breach of the terms and conditions, the exhibitor's registration will be terminated.
2.In the event of repeated violations of the terms and conditions, the registration of the exhibitor member will be terminated.

Cancellation of exhibitor membership registration

1.If an exhibitor wishes to cancel his/her membership, he/she must notify the Company in accordance with the prescribed procedure.
2.If the exhibitor withdraws from the Peep-Spot, the product file will be deleted, as Peep-Spot is not obliged to save the product file.

Governing law, jurisdiction.

1.These Terms and Conditions contain the complete understanding between the Member and the Site and supersede all previous written or oral understandings. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the country in which our operating corporation is located.
2. If a lawsuit is necessary between a member and the company, the court designated by the company shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.
3.If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and apply.

Violation of the Terms of Use

Users are requested to contact the Peep-Spot Management Office in the event that they discover an act, etc. that violates these Terms of Use.